Education Opens Doors

Education Opens Doors

Throughout my youth I always heard get a good education, have a good job and work hard. In my case, the inference was a good secondary education. My dad felt there was no task to train a woman outside high school because she would not be anything at all. He insisted that his son went to college.

Fortunately for me I had other ideas. Long story, short version, I did not just graduate from college with honors, but continued to earn master degrees. No blame or sorry for me conclusion. He went on with what he learned from the old country and from his parents. Even though I was a bit miffed, I quickly developed a solution. The point of effect is that just because something was true for several generations ago does not mean that it still applies today. Women have prominent positions in industry and all professions in the 21st century.

Education served to change my life in many ways. My degrees opened doors for me that might have been closed without those pieces of paper. As an education, talent also opens doors. Celine Dions talented producer David Fosters attention is enough for David to invite Celine to sign a record contract. Talent opened the door.

I lived in the Steamboat Springs ski resort for 29 years. During that time, I became familiar with many talented and highly educated individuals who worked as lift operators and restaurant or bar workers. Neither education nor talent alone drives anyone through lifes hoops and obstacles. Education proves to be a valuable asset. Talent attracts attention. Both of these elements help a person; However neither or both are enough to achieve the peak of success.

Opening the door with an exam or talent is step one. When that door opens through a small crack, perseverance and passion must take the fabrics and drive. An impressive resume can attract a potential employer to interview. If you do not show the desire and command of yourself and your professional skills, employment will not lead to. When you present yourself credibly and your skills match their needs, you can be employed. Now the work begins.

Many employees have been exposed to their own bad judgment. Acting as if the tasks or your employees are under you causes tension and discord. The error is not the job information, employees or even the company. Look right in the mirror and see the problem. Education and talent open doors but bad decisions close the doors.

Even though I jumped through many hoops and climbed over many obstacles to pay for my own college, when the grade is deserved, its all up to me. Education becomes more than pay tribute development, buy books; True education requires implementation. To get full educational value, there must be self-development. Jim Rohn, noted business philosopher, urged us to work harder on you than you do on your business. Shelf development can impress visitors to your library, but life seeks proof of self-development.

Developing your education or talent for useful skills creates the real platform of achievement. Work hard on yourself and your skills. Keep a pleasant and cooperative attitude in the process and you will enjoy it. Education and talent can open the doors for you, but as you rise above the threshold, your attitude and performance control. Many talented and well-educated people fail to survive or thrive because they stopped learning, stopped growing and maintained an unpleasant attitude.

Education and talent open doors but lack of performance, bad attitudes and bad decisions close the doors. You control your present and your future. Everything you created earlier can begin its improvement in the present. Just like my dad held old conviction of educating women, other people stick to old thoughts and attitudes that no longer serve them or anyone else. They may have old erroneous performances because they did not know anything else. Now you know. Your apology was evaporated. If your attitude and performance do not earn you profitable and productive, stop doing it and change something that will work. Good attitudes and diligent work bridge a host of other shortcomings.

Education and talent open the doors, but your passion, stamina, good attitude and diligent performance swing them in general.

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